Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ReaperCon 2010 photos

This is me and Anne Foerster! (I should have taken my magnifier off before the photo)

This was a massive dungeon crawl game built using Hirst Arts pieces

This was an awesome Lord of the Rings diorama, the minis were large scale.

The Reaper Asylum store, every miniature by Reaper was available here

This was a scale model of the factory used for gaming, I think the object was to run around and kill the employees.

This was a fabulous piece done by Noel Meyer

Some painted Warlord minis in a display case

This was a cool terrain Piece

Wall O'Minis!


  1. Just to be clear, the reflection in the mirror is an actual reflection, not freehand. I used an actual mirror. Though the picture on the easel and the sketch on the ground are in fact freehand.

    Also, dont know who painted them, but those LotR minis are much bigger then 35mm, at a guess I'd say more like 54-90mm.